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Want to get some awesome speakers for your next event? Perhaps just have a friendly chat over a well brewed cup of nespresso? Or would you like us to set up a pompeous bandwagon of awesome advice?

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Stuck in a neverending loop of bad code requests? Having trouble defining the correct business strategy? Can't make use of the design system? Perhaps your users are not finding the add-to-cart-button?

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Feeling the need to jump ship and join the friendly cartina avalanche? Want to be part of the best consulting agency out there? Have some skills you think might suit us like a eco-friendly chinchilla glove?

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Even during these hard times, our office is staffed with people wanting to have short meetings, exchange a few words with co-workers or simply to get out of the home for a short while.



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Hamngatan 15

111 47

Stockholm, Sweden

+46 (0)8 703 25 10


Cartina has since 2013 helped both multinationals and startups translate digital opportunities into lasting and profitable business. We have since the start mainly worked with management services but are now expanding our offering with tech & design.

With a desire to develop oneself, clients and colleagues, our team of several senior digital experts take pride in delivering sustainable solutions that matters for our clients and society. Cartina is founded and owned by the investment firm Acacia Asset Management AB together with partners in the firm.


Hamngatan 15, SE-111 47
Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46 (0)8 703 25 10