Confederation of Swedish Enterprise

The EU taxonomy will play a significant role for transforming the society towards a fossil free future and to reach the Paris agreement of carbon neutrality until 2050.

Our Study

The purpose of this study is to give the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise an overview of the consequences that may arise for the Swedish business community when the taxonomy is introduced.

However how the consequences will turn out to be for the future conditions of the Swedish industry is to a large extent unknown. Cartina made on behalf of the Swedish confederation of enterprises a study on what is likely to happen. The study shows very interesting and to some extent worrying findings.

Key questions

1. What is taxonomy, where do we stand now and what opportunities for influence are there in the future?

2. How will the taxonomy be applied by large investors and lenders in Sweden?

3. What will be the consequences of taxonomy for the Swedish business community?


Go to Confederation of Swedish Enterprise website to download the report or to watch the presentation (in Swedish).

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