customer centric

We help you make the right decisions based on your customer's needs and desires.

We support our clients in becoming truly customer centric by unveiling customer desires and unleashing the organizational potential to fulfill customer needs.


A global fashion retailer

We helped transform a global fashion FMCG into a customer oriented and agile organization.

From initiating and anchoring the strategic change process to supporting the agile development teams we routed the organization into a customer centric direction.


An insurance company

We formulated a strategy for increased competitiveness and improved customer experience in a digital landscape.

By mapping the customer journey and conduction friction analyzes we could distinguish the steps of the customer experience in need of improvement.

As a result, the client could improve customer satisfaction through developing a frictionless insurance journey.


A nationwide pharmacy

We increased the total online sales for a Swedish pharmacy with user research, user experience and a customer centric approach.



Cartina has since 2013 helped both multinationals and startups translate digital opportunities into lasting and profitable business. We have since the start mainly worked with management services but are now expanding our offering with tech & design.

With a desire to develop oneself, clients and colleagues, our team of several senior digital experts take pride in delivering sustainable solutions that matters for our clients and society. Cartina is founded and owned by the investment firm Acacia Asset Management AB together with partners in the firm.


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Stockholm, Sweden
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