Unleash the potential within your organization to develop digital solutions and services.

We are experts in digital product development and have helped numerous companies succeeding in transforming their ideas into a digital context.


An energy company

We developed a Smart Home equipment service for an energy company.

The serviced enhanced energy efficiency for the customer and shaved peak and load shift for the production facility.

We helped develop both the business development strategy as well as the operational implementation process.

As a result of effect optimization, the last coal power plant in Stockholm could be shut down.


A global telecome operator

We identified a new key segment and built a strategic direction to help our client address the needs of this target group.

Through user experience research, a virtual mobile operator was developed and launched to the market.

The service address the needs for refugees to makes long distance calls to friends and family in remote locations.


A nationwide grocery chain

We built a last-mile e-commerce app solution for a grocery retailer.

We developed the strategic direction as well as led the operational and technical launch process.

The solution enabled the client to deliver food and groceries to customer´s homes within minutes.


Cartina has since 2013 helped both multinationals and startups translate digital opportunities into lasting and profitable business. We have since the start mainly worked with management services but are now expanding our offering with tech & design.

With a desire to develop oneself, clients and colleagues, our team of several senior digital experts take pride in delivering sustainable solutions that matters for our clients and society. Cartina is founded and owned by the investment firm Acacia Asset Management AB together with partners in the firm.


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