Transforming an energy company into a customer oriented leader with a virtual powerplant

Cartina, together with the client and partners, developed a digital platform to focus on the customer experience and optimize energy delivery. 


Our client was experiencing new threats within the energy market by the development of new products and services. The inherent success factor within the energy industry is the realization of economies of scale, something that digitalization started to threaten.

Mega trends of sustainability and customers’ expectations of digital interaction where also of great impact. Something was needed to be done.

“We wanted to create a close collaboration with the customer through a new digital energy platform"



Reduced CO₂ footprint.

Reduced need for investments in powerplants.

Reduced maintenance cost.

Reduced fuel cost.

Reduced energy costs for consumers.

Improved indoor climate for consumers.

New income stream for energy company.  

The Result

Together we developed a new platform, connecting customers’ energy consumption with energy production. On top of this platform, a new digital customer product was developed enabling our client to have a direct digital interaction with its customers. Our client became a provider of indoor climate and the customer can choose between a focus on comfort or price. Our client unlocked the flexibility within energy distribution.

The customer product was launched in 2018.

Success factors

An agile approach enabled fast development and continuous improvement.

Continuously involved the target users.

Close collaboration with client enabled "fail-fast" mentality and understanding of shifting client views and needs.


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