A virtual operator enabeling phone calls without sim card.​


Over the past years, a majority of the population growth in Sweden has originated from immigration. Our client with their low-price brand was lacking presence in this growing group of consumers and the brand primarly targetted Swedish youths. In contrast, their top competitor continuously grew their stronghold within the area.

The background raised the questions for the client
“How can we sell more sim-cards to ethnic minorities in Sweden?”
“How should we gain market shares among foreign born Swedes?"


Cartina Key Challenges

Investigate the population “foreign-born Swedes” and
identify one or more relevant segments to target.

Identify a business opportunity for the client to gain market shares.

Develop a strategic direction to ensure future relevance and an attractive business model to grow future earnings.

Develop an optimal user experience and value proposition aligned
to future consumers’ needs and expectations.

The approach

We applied a 4-step agile process in order to meet the key challenges and approach the question with an open mind, yet in a structured manner.


Double Diamond – Design thinking

1: Who & Why: Understand the market, consumers & the business opportunity.

• Segmentation to map the consumer landscape and select a target group.
• Internal and external review to identify business opportunities.


2: What: Set the strategic direction & market position.

• Definition of our client’s strategic role and position in the market landscape.
• Value proposition(s) to meet the target group’s needs and expectations.

3: How: Concept development, prioritization & roadmap.

• Development of initiatives/solutions to live up to the strategy and value proposition.
• Identification of a gaps, business case and sequenced roadmap to close the gaps.

4: Realize: Bring the strategy to life & go to market.

• Definition of specific functionalities and system design.
• Realization of the initiatives/ solutions from prototype to launch.
• Development of a digital marketing roll-out of the new service.


Who and why?
Understand the market, consumers & the business opportunity: Through understanding the market and consumers, we identified an attractive core target group with a business opportunity for our client.

Core target group
The “opportunity seekers”

• Came to Sweden in search of better economic and social opportunities.
• Young and urban individuals.
• Highly digitally progressive and incorporated apps and smartphone in everyday lives.
• Spent much time on social media and communicating with friends online.

Core target insight

• Want everyday communication with friends and families aboard. 
• However, poor network infrastructures or political restrictions at the receivers end made the communication difficult or with poor quality at high expense.

Business opportunity

• The population and segment were not very affluent, but spent a high % of their disposable income on communicating with friends and family abroad. 
• 98% of brought a smartphone over the Swedish boarder.
• Thus an attractive group of people in terms of monetary value and category behavior.

The Customer

An individual who has crossed borders in search of better economic or social opportunities, desiring everyday communication with friends and family abroad – regardless of their prevailing circumstances.

A growth strategy journey, where insights about the target group lead to a clearly defined strategic direction for our client, as well as the launch of a successful service application for foreign born Swedes.


Customer Effects

A new strategic direction and application for our client. The strategy was implemented and the new service application was launched 10th of July 2017.

• Enable people to contact families and friends in exposed areas.
• 12 000 paying customers and 8000-22 0000 active customer per day 9-months after launch.
• 35% growth per month, whereas 50% comes from referrals.
• Awarded the most innovative project of the year at the client.
• Contributed to strong incremental awareness and business growth for our client.

The Result

A new strategic direction and application for our client. The strategy was implemented, and the new service application was launched 10th of July 2017.

Success factors

A core team of three and extended team with specialist competences.

An agile structure enabled a 9-months fast-tracked project. Continuously involved the target group (testing & development).

In close collaboration with a tech start-up throughout the development phase.

Constantly challenging traditional mind-sets with scalable digital solutions.


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