Why Cartina?

We partner with clients to explore, challenge & drive change in ways that create recillient impact. This requires embedding digital at the heart and mind of organizations & building capabilities that help both clients and people to grow and constantly renew themselves.

We collaborate with people at every level of our client’s organization.

We navigate in exploring opportunities as a trusted advisor to top management, prepare & change organizations & mindset with hands-on coaching, design & build business tech solutions. All to create lasting impact.

Core beliefs.

To be passionate and playful, but also for humbleness, fellowship and a consideration to help each other and our clients and society.

To be curious and open for continuous learning. For personal development by learning and teaching.

To dare to explore opportunities that create impact.

To challenge assumptions in order to be a guiding star for the future and create impact that matters. 

To shine.

We provide and nurture the expertise needed for successful digital transformation in a fast-paced and changing world.


40-ish highly motivated teamplayers constantly looking out for more soulmates. Want to join our team or become a customer?

Compelling work and a full life

Your development is our development. We exist to inspire real digital leadership in clients and colleagues alike.

We are a company of leaders who prioritize self-awareness and individual growth. Our premise is simple: the more you develop as an individual, the stronger the company. Your development is our development.  

At Cartina, we are energized by and dedicated to hard work and the pursuit of excellence. We also believe that this kind of excellence is only possible when we have a full life, with time for career, family and personal interests. We don’t pretend that the workload is not high, but our culture is grounded in flexibility and efficiency. Non-value adding tasks and processes are minimized, freeing up time for what’s important to our clients and ourselves. We believe that compelling work is an integral part of a full life, and vice versa.

Rise above the rest. Be among the best minds in digital transformation.



Meet one of us: 

Yelena Koselnik

Yelena is passionate about her job and has a skill set that reaches beyond the usual UX Designer. Regardless of the situation she always finds a way forward with a contagiously positive attitude. Every challenge is accepted. 

Why UX Design:
"I am a curious person probably since birth. I love to understand things and how they work. I’m truly blessed to have a job where I get to understand the users real perspectives and needs, and translate these on to services for our clients own customers. I’m currently helping a Swedish Food Retailer to the next level with their user experience and online shopping

Why Cartina: 
“I'm at Cartina because of all my wonderful colleagues, the possibilities to grow, the range of expertise at Cartina and all the exciting assignments that we have".

Out of office:
Climbing & Hiking

There is not a mountain that scares Yelena, and the latest escapade went to Kebnekaise where she and her boyfriend went last summer for some climbing and hiking. If you see a happy hiker out there in the wild, it is probably Yelena.

Highlights please?
"The train journey took 18 hours to get there, and when we finally got there, we wandered around for 8 days mostly starving and just craving a big fat pizza and a large black coffee".  

So, whats up next?
"Believe it or not but our next adventure is going to be on a mountain in Sweden, Finland, or Norway post-Corona and this time the will have a little more experience and a better planning; and most importantly a lot of extra good tasting food with us".


Dare for lasting impact.


Cartina has since 2013 helped both multinationals and startups translate digital opportunities into lasting and profitable business. We have since the start mainly worked with management services but are now expanding our offering with tech & design.

With a desire to develop oneself, clients and colleagues, our team of several senior digital experts take pride in delivering sustainable solutions that matters for our clients and society. 
Cartina is founded and owned by the investment firm Acacia Asset Management AB together with partners in the firm.


Humlegårdsgatan 14
SE-114 46 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46 (0)8 703 25 10